Exterior doors – a calling card for your home

When building a new house, we are trying to design and plan everything so it is practical as well as looks beautiful. We arrange the interior carefully, taking into consideration every detail. However, we also want our exterior to look presentable. Esthetically made elevation, wooden window and door joinery are crucial elements that determine the appearance of our house from the outside. The coherence between those aspects is really significant. Equally important is their firm and careful workmanship. Exterior doors are a calling card for every house. It is a detail that every guest that is visiting us has a contact with, therefore, it is worth investing in a beautiful door as even the prettiest house that has unaesthetic entrance looses its beauty. The exterior door, except its decorative purpose, also has a protective function. It is all about protection against uninvited guests as well as cold and noise. Exterior doors manufacturers offer a wide range of security along with anti-burglar systems that make our home safer. Good acoustic and thermal insulation is no less important as through the front door we loose a significant amount of heat from the home that, in turn, increases our bills. In places with high noise levels, an adequate for external doors sound insulation coefficient guarantees peace and silence. To sum up, it is worth to pay attention to not only the esthetic side of the entrance doors, but also and most importantly to appropriate parameters when choosing the door.

 Exterior doors are not only a decoration of an apartment, a house or any other utility building, but also it is protection and security that the residents or the users of the facility need.

Exterior doors must create a consistent harmony with the facility. They should match the building style, color scheme and users needs both coloristically, in terms of size and technologically (including security systems). In addition to esthetic values and safety aspects, exterior doors must be marked with a high coefficient of thermal insulation. Only this way will your building (especially in winter) create a thermal, stylistic and functional idyll with a door that will be a synonym for a stylish and adequately matched exterior doors. 

 Designer, solid wood doors are created by craft artists.

For us, beauty is the sum of the highest quality materials, the best designs and manufacturing methods as well as precise workmanship with attention to the slightest details. We carefully listen to not only our customer’s voice, but also to what the material tells about itself. As it is the essence of the material that always unique, stylish and simply beautiful doors are made of.