Profile construction

  • frame depth: 60 mm / 2.4"
  • leaf/slab depth 54 mm / 2.1"
The door set includes:
  • - Door and the door frame with two gaskets;
  • -- Two independent locks (multi-point locking mechanism) providing anti-burglary security solutions;
  • - Two sets of inserts with the keys;
  • - Normal door handle (T-bar long handle as an additional option);
  • - Viewfinder (in the case of solid doors);
  • - 6x adjustable hinges (3x on each side) that provide anti-burglary protection;
  • - Aluminium threshold with the gasket;
  • - 3x anti-theft bolts.
Thermal and soundproof specification:
  • - for a full door leaf, at Ud = 0,98 W/K*m2 / R-Value = 5.7
  • - for glazed door leaf , at Ud = 1.1 W/K*m2/ R-Value = 5.3
  • - acoustic insulation 31 dB (applies to doors without glazing) - glass doors are made of triple glazing packages.

Dimensions and real pictures of the door threshold from the Fargo collection


The glass in our doors are triple-pane windows. All panes are connected with spacer frames. Two of them are covered with Low-E coatings that provide natural light while helping to limit heat gain and thermal energy loss. It is also possible to choose P4 anti-burglary glass or safety glass VSG 33.1

standard glazing package 4th/16Ar/4/16Ar/4th

safety glass 33.1//4//4

P4 anti-burglary

Types of glazing

There is a wide range of glass options. In our offer one will find energy-saving, sound-absorbing, safety, anti-burglary and sunscreen windows. The most popular ones are milk glass, decorative or mirror glass as well as bronze reflex glass.

Light permeability of the glass:

- Milk – frosted glass 89%
- Mirror glass – 68 %
- Bronze Reflex glass – 42 %

One way mirror glass has a thin layer of reflective coating which allows the glass to reflect half the light that hits it. Simultaneously, half the light also goes straight through. This makes the glass both reflective and transparent. During the day, the outside is bright which means that people who are outside are not able to see what is inside the house. However, during the night when the light is on, the one-way mirror turns into a window. People are able to see through the glass both ways.

To solve the issue, one can apply the one-way vision foil. The foil consists of hundreds of small holes enabling light penetration, which gives the effect of semi-transmission. It is usually used for advertisement on buses or windows.


All dooors systems offered are available in two colour palettes – RAL and veneers.
RAL colour palette.

Fiery red or maybe a delicate blue? The RAL K5 Classic colour palette will allow you to choose the colour of the door perfectly suited to your requirements!


RAL 1003

RAL 2004

RAL 3020

RAL 5002

RAL 6005

RAL 6021

RAL 7016

RAL 7039

RAL 7040

RAL 9016

RAL 9005

RAL 9007

Veneers colours


Golden Oak



Swamp oak

Blanched oak

Turners oak

Silver gray

anthracite RAL 7015

anthracite RAL 7016


Door handle inox - silver

Door handle black

T-bar - long vertical handle or normal handle:

Stainless steel door handles are designed for one or two-sided use for external doors.
The innovative mounting system enables quick and easy installation of the door handle. Our offer includes many handrails:


T-bar round Alfa 1200 mm / 47.2" or 1500 mm / 59.0"

T-bar round Beta 1200 mm / 47.2" or 1500 mm / 59.0"

T-bar Gamma round arch inox - silver 1500 mm / 59.0"

T-bar Sigma round arch inox - silver 1500 mm / 59.0"

Lever Handle vs T-bar Pull Handle

1. If you have a Lever handle/normal handle from the outside, you can release the latch without using a key from outside. You simply push the Lever handle down and the latch will retract allowing you to open the door.

2. If you have a T-bar long handle from the outside, it has no way to release the latch because it is only used for pushing and pulling the door. So in this situation from the outside you always need keys to the latch. Then insert the keys into the key hole and turn to release the latch and open the door.

3. We offer a third additional option if the customer decides to purchase a T-bar. When selecting the T-bar on our website, you can additionally order a Knob Handle that will be installed together with the T-bar from the outside. This door Knob Handle will allow you to release the latch from the outside. So you can order Tbar + Knob which is quite small and looks quite nice.

Multi-point lock system

  • steel hooks and pins
  • Three-dimensional locking with integrated hooks and metal pins for optimal security.
  • Pressure adjustment.

How measure the hole in the wall for door installation

The picture shows the dimensions of the door with the frame and how to measure the opening for door installation. Please take the measure from the floor "tile or wooden panel" inside the house to the top brick level.

The space for the door installation should be between minimum 5mm to 20mm larger than the overall size of the door with the frame. This space is necessary as it should be filled with foam during the installation. This will also ensure insulation between the wall and the door frame.