SM1 - Smart Lock - Key Card & Fingerprint

SM1 Smart Lock
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This is newly developed multifunctional smart knob lock. Simple design, wireless bluetooth management system is very convenient. Hold the handle and press the fingerprint to unlock it. You do not need to drill holes, do not need to replace the old mortise. The installation is very convenient. It will bring the wonderful experience of intelligent life. This lock can also be used for wooden doors and safety doors, suitable for a variety of cylinder.

It has convenient management system and 6 unlocking methods: fingerprint unlocking, bluetooth APP unlocking, remote WiFi unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, password /PIN unlocking, card unlocking and mechanical key unlocking. It will satisfy all your needs for smart locks. Through advanced APP management, you can connect the smart door lock to your smartphone through WiFi or bluetooth, so you can manage your smart door lock anytime and anywhere.

For whom is the intellgent lock?
For hotels or apartment renovation projects and for individual customers for their homes.

Product Function
1. 6 ways to unlock: WiFi APP Access, Bluetooth APP Access, Fingerprint Unlock, Card Unlock, PIN Code Unlock, Mechanical Key Unlock;
2. Convenient APP management system, you can manage your smart lock anytime and anywhere;
3. You can manage a large number of locks with just one phone;
4. Time-limited password settings, suitable for various scenarios;
5. Multi-level administrator settings to help you better manage your smart buildings;
6. Query unlock records anytime and anywhere, the first time to know your home security;
7. The compact size fits all wooden doors and metal doors;
8. FPC fingerprint reader gives you the best security experience ;
9. Emergency powersupply in case of lost power.

The smart lock comes with 3 cards.