WIS U Connect - Up and Over Garage Door

WIS U Connect
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Up-and-over garage door is intended for use in single-family housing and utility rooms. The door is designed to be installed both in heated and non-heated rooms. The door is available as insulated and non-insulated. The door construction includes frame, door leaf and horizontal (under the ceiling) guides. The door skin is T-10 galvanized steel sheet with vertical, horizontal or slanted layout. The door is sealed on all sides. The door is to be installed in the opening or behind the opening. The door is available in manual and power-operated version. 

Now the CONNECT garage door can have new ornamentation motifs fixed between the leaf panels. The motifs are available in wood-effect colours (golden oak and nut brown), in stainless steel and any RAL colour. The result may surprise you. This seemingly small detail unexpectedly changes the garage door leaf in an impressive element of the façade.


  • the door leaf made of galvanized steel sheets T-10, with vertical, horizontal or slanted infill design, or of galvanized perforated steel sheets
  • frame parts are bolted
  • leaf profiles are connected with special accessories
  • crossbar to connect horizontal guides and side slides
  • springs system designed to facilitate the door leaf operation
  • springs are protected with sleeves

Requied hole in the wall:
width from 1900mm to 4000mm
height from: 1900mm to 2700mm


METRO drive unit

METRO is a new generation of drive units. It is a harmonious combination of power, beauty and reliability, designed with state-of-the-art technologies. It is also a result of cooperation between Somfy, a leading global manufacturer of automation products and smart controls for home equipment. METRO features functions with outstanding technical parameters in an enclosure designed according to the WIŚNIOWSKI styling standards.


EASY PROGRAMING – LCD display and many configurable parameters.

OVERCURRENT OBSTACLE DETECTION – An overload protection system stops and reverses the door curtain closing movement when the bottom edge touches an obstacle.

SILENT RAIL WITH A CHAIN – the door runs quietly and smoothly, which is of special importance in garages adjacent to houses and close to bedrooms.

RTS RF PATH – An excellent solution based on an innovative technology from Somfy which enables installation and extension of the drive system without modifying the door wall structure. It is a perfect choice for new buildings, as well as home renovation or upgrade projects. Intuitive programming and the LCD display facilitate adjustment of operating parameters for an optimum configuration of drive unit functions.


OPTION TO CONNECT PHOTOCELLS – ensure optimum safety whenever an obstacle appears between the photocells.

OPTIONAL ANTI-BURGLARY MECHANICAL LOCK – locks the door in the closed position and prevents unauthorized opening of the door.

OPTIONAL EMERGENCY BATTERY UNIT – keeps the door operational in case of a power outage.



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