External fire doors

We most certainly do not ever want to compromise with the security system in our homes. From having all kinds of fancy but latest technology updated system to keeping actual gaurds. We always want our homes to be our ‘safe heaven'.

Have you ever thought the panic and hazards you have to face if your house is ever on fire? Well. We cannot save you from the fire. But most certainly can buy you some extra time to save yourself, or to call for the fire brigade.

We present to you the latest technology of the fireproof doors. These fire resistant doors work as any other normal door but shows its magic during a fire emergency. Now the question that arises is what exactly is this external fire doors or fireproof doors? Accidents occur so often and unpredicted these days. You can never be 100% sure of any security. But prevention is better than cure. So, fire door is like any other normal door, but when the building is on fire, the fire door, unlike any other door, must perform its most important function of saving lives and other parts of the building.

A timber fire door is basically of two types, FD30 and FD60.

FD30 fire doors.

FD30 door are those doors in which the stability and integrity lasts for 30 minutes, before it eventually starts to fail under the pressure and may start to form cracks or openings.

FD60 fire doors. FD60  fire rated doors are those doors which can remain fire resistant for 60 minutes before it is deemed ineffective. Doors which have a higher rating than FD60 would be used in areas where it’s important to preserve any important equipment/documents in the event of a fire.

However, a fire door must not be confused with a fire exit door. A fire exit door is a door; it can be left open and does not have to be fire resistant. The purpose of the fire exit door is to allow a quick and un-hindered escape through a well lit door into a place of safety while stopping un-authorised access from the outside.

So, to lessen your worries we have brought a premium range of FD30 fire doors, which promises security and safety. The range offers you a variety of designs, patterns and colours of door; along with fire resistant protection within reasonable pricing. 

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