How to keep exterior doors beautiful year after year?

One of your biggest concerns may be how to keep your exterior doors beautiful year after year. They deteriorate over time, lose their tone and can get damaged. There are different techniques that will help you prevent this from happening.

Tips on how to keep exterior doors looking good year after year

Although it may seem impossible, it is possible to keep exterior doors looking beautiful over time. There is no need to change or replace them. You just need to take care of them with a series of tips detailed below.

Paint them

We suggest painting them every year to refresh them. This way you avoid them to lose their brightness, tone and aesthetics. Be aware of any scratches or imperfections in the varnish or enamel. This method does not fail, besides it is fast and cheap.


Add decorations such as lights, garlands, objects, dolls or flowers, any article can be used to give them elegance and beauty! You can even change the decoration according to the time of the year. Adapt them for Christmas, Easter, Halloween or Carnival.

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Change their components

The different components of the doors can become discontinued, rusted or damaged. Don't wait for that to happen and take precautions. We recommend you to change every element before they get damaged. These include hardware, knobs, latches or frames.

Clear the door

You have to clear the surroundings of the doors. That is to say that when opening or closing these do not bump into other objects such as furniture or tables. With this you will look for that they do not rub with any artifact or article that can spoil them and even cause marks.

Clean it

How do you keep your exterior doors looking nice year after year? Clean them constantly. This way, dust or particles will not fall on them and cause damage. Likewise, avoid humidity or excess liquid when it rains or when they receive water. This is important so that mold and mildew do not appear.

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