How to prevent mold in your home?

Molds usually appear at any time of the year in different areas of the house. They can become a real problem because they look ugly, damage the walls and have an ugly color. We tell you how to prevent mold in your home.

How to prevent mold easily?

It is essential that you take different measures to prevent mold from appearing in different areas. This fungus can have health consequences such as diseases, allergies and infections. These tips will help you to prevent it:

Take care of excess humidity

The first thing you should do is avoid humidity in the different spaces, especially in the corners. This is because water and wet areas attract mold spores. In this way they begin to reproduce. For that, eliminate leaks, liquid leaks and keep the pipes well maintained.

Control water-prone areas

It is also important to constantly clean water-prone areas. For example, the sink and the sink. Do not let them accumulate liquid. Also keep an eye on places where the plumbing passes through, such as the basement, air conditioners, ceilings or walls.

Clean the different objects

It is essential that you are aware of the different objects. But take special care of the articles that cover a part and are difficult to see normally. What are these? Carpets, pictures of paintings, windows, houseplants, baseboards. These are where germs can grow.

Be alert to the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are places that are exposed to moisture. How to prevent mold in your home? Start by giving proper hygiene to these spaces. Use hot water, distilled white vinegar or baking soda for cleaning.