Aluminum doors: Why choose them?

When it comes to doors, aluminum is the most widely used material, especially in the construction of aluminum doors for homes. Its durability, strength and versatility have made it one of the most functional elements in the market.

If you are thinking of changing the doors of your residence, we have many reasons to recommend aluminum doors. Regardless of their location, these doors adapt to any type of room, whether indoors or outdoors.

Another advantage of the infallible aluminum doors is that they work as a barrier to insulate the cold. In addition, aluminum doors serve as an insulator of loud sounds. However, there are more reasons to have them at home, discover them below:

What are the advantages of aluminum doors?

Easy to install

The great advantage of aluminum doors is that they are easy to install. You can buy them in higher or lower density and place them anywhere, even in areas with space difficulties.

Insulating against cold and heat

Aluminum is an excellent energy insulator, so it is successful in preventing cold or heat from penetrating. It is also excellent for insulating noise, provided it has the appropriate treatment for this function.

Different aesthetic finishes

Aluminum doors are available with imitation wood finishes and other ornaments with enormous aesthetic possibilities. You can find them with colorful details that are easily integrated into the decoration and minimalist style.

Great durability

Aluminum doors are a great investment because they are a durable material that will not rust or break down over time. It can even withstand weathering or extreme and variable climates.

What are the best choices in aluminum doors?

Aluminum doors have the capacity to withstand corrosion and climatic variations. This makes them ideal for the entrance of the house.

Both exterior and interior doors determine several aspects of the house. On the one hand, they are safe enough to protect the entrance of the house. On the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view, they play a fundamental role.

solid aluminium front door

In Domadeco for example we have available the LIM Basic door. A solid aluminum entrance door stands out for its sober style. It offers superior thermal insulation so that everyone at home can enjoy the warmth of home, without discomfort due to excess heat or cold.

To increase the security of the door, a hinge anti-theft protection is incorporated. In addition, you won't have to worry about installation since it comes mounted on the frame, ready to be installed.

Aluminum pass-through doors are ideal for homes that need a connection between the interior and any exterior room of the house. In some cases the entrance must be sheltered and at the same time offer thermal and, of course, acoustic insulation protection.

The aesthetic aspect of aluminum doors is also important since it reinforces the overall appearance of the facade of the house or building.

If you are looking to give a distinctive touch to the terrace or any passage area of the house, folding aluminum doors are recommended. They open and close easily, allow natural light into the house and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Aluminum doors have elements that, in addition to performing a specific function, should be in line with the overall aesthetics of the place. Some of these elements are the handles and knobs. You can get them from classic designs to the most contemporary ones.

Handles, handles and other aluminum door accessories should harmonize with the facade and the rest of the door. You can get them in a range of silver, gold or black colors. They also have integrated security systems.

Whenever you want to give a distinctive touch to your home, you can choose any of the aluminum doors available at Domadeco. We have consultants who will help you choose the ideal door for your premises.