Prevent your dog from scratching your doors - without external products

It is necessary to take care of the doors of your home so that they always look perfect and preserve their original design. They are important because they help your home to have a better harmony, protection or style. What happens if your beloved pet damages them by scratching them? Of course, they deteriorate. We explain you how to prevent the dog from scratching the doors.

Tips to prevent the dog from scratching the doors
Dogs when they grow up have different behaviors due to their animal instinct. Some of those behaviors are inappropriate because they become anxious and desperate. Those actions will hurt you because they can scratch the doors or make a mess, avoid it with these tips.

Educate him
Once the dog arrives at your home, you must educate him in the best way. Progressively teach him not to generate chaos and to listen to you. However, if it has already caused damage to your door, there is no turning back. You need to change it for a resistant and quality one, and then you must start with the teaching.

So if your door has been damaged and you want to change it, we offer you the best options. Remember that they are made by an experienced staff. It will serve you not only if you want to replace it because it is deteriorated, it can also be useful when you are building your space.

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Set up a space
It is essential that you set up a space in your home exclusively for your canine. With this, he will feel that this is his own environment and he will not need to invade or damage other areas. In addition, it is advisable to give him some toys to entertain him and avoid bad behaviors.

Get him used to being away
It is normal that at certain times you are not at home because of your work or because you will be running errands. Many times this causes the canine to adopt an aggressive attitude when he feels lonely. But you must prepare him for your absence and train him to be alone. Get him used to this condition little by little.

Walk him to calm him down
Of course, you will always want to cuddle and pet your pet. However, sometimes you should do it in moderation. This is because if he feels that he is the center of your attention, when you are not there or cannot pamper him, he will get upset. To show his anger he will scratch the doors.

So don't show him interest so often or at every moment, even though it may be difficult. We advise you to take him for a walk to calm him down and reassure him. This method works especially when you need to leave your house. You can walk him several hours before your departure.

Discreet farewell and welcome with discretion
When you leave your home, we suggest you not to say goodbye to your dog while crying and wailing. Do not stay with him for long minutes before leaving. This is because he will want to stay with you and when he notices that you are not there, he will become distressed. One of the first actions he will do is to ruin the doors.

The same goes for when you return, i.e. don't make a fuss and announce with great fanfare that you have arrived. If you do, then he may become anxious every time your arrival time approaches. Go in the house and wait a few minutes before greeting him after he sees you.

Soothe him with music
Another way to calm him down, get him used to being alone and prevent him from scratching the doors is by playing music. Look for soothing rhythms and melodies, set them at a very low volume. The idea is that you can teach him to be calm most of the time and feel good alone.

Change the routine
Don't always do the same activities before you go out. Your puppy learns them and when he sees that you are doing that routine he will understand that you are going out. Change your habits so that he doesn't associate them with your departure. All these tips can help you to prevent your dog from scratching the doors.

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